Free Workshop: Content Marketing is a Love Story

Are you called to inspire? A workshop for small business owners selling a service. Learn about The Purpose Map, a strategic tool designed by Rebel Content Company to create a better brand story. 

Your Story

Marketing in general is a powerful way to impact people. But how will you impact if your story isn’t meaningful? Your service is what you’re selling, however your story is what people are buying.

Be Bolder

Small businesses with no big marketing budgets backing them need to be smarter than the giants. You need to step up and start being a bit bolder. Only then your owned, earned and paid media will produce radical results. But, even more importantly you will grow a community.

This Will Help

This workshop will help you find the personal story within your business and teach you how to implement it in all your communication.

A Free Workshop to Get:

  • a broader view of marketing in general
  • purposeful approach to your business and (prospect) clients
  • a roadmap to create inspiring content

Workshop details:

When: Wednesday 14 February at 10:00 till 11:30 am
Where: Highway to success, The Bridge Building, Bos en Lommerplein 270-300

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Letter Made with Love

How to Kill Your Darlings

Why are you in your field of business? If you know why you are doing the job, and who you’re serving, it’s easier to make bold decisions. If you have a vision, you know which ideas to kill. Most creative people, all business owners are creative and have loads of ideas. With a vision you can move on and focus on the path. 

Your job can be something that clicks with your values and fills you with joy because you love what you do. However, why do you do it?Why are you taking that path? What is the big picture?

Communicate Your Purpose

To find out what your purpose is, you could try to ask yourself some out-of-the-box questions. Find out more about yourself so you know which ideas and insights you should say no to:

  • Give yourself 3 seconds and say out loud what makes you really happy. Are you using the answer in your work?
  • If you had to describe yourself to somebody you want to impress, what would you say?
  • When you where a kid there must have been a few things that you really liked doing. What was it and how are you still using those skills today.
  • Compare yourself to a colour, now explain that colour.
  • Invision yourself in 5 years how will you have made impact

Kill or Keep

Write down the answers and keep them in the back of your mind for a few days, then address them again. I’d like to know if these questions have helped you make some bold choices?

Now you have the answers to set against all your darling ideas. And find out which you can kill and which you can keep.

As a certified coach I know the importance of clarity, direction and purpose. If you want to grow a strong Online Identity, start with asking why, instead of how.

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