A Message to all Entrepreneurs: Content Marketing is a Love Story

Sometimes you forget that all you want to do is get the attention of people, people just like you. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, email, telephone, meetings, flyers, billboards, the list of places to ‘meet’ another person are endless. You try to sell your service by telling them what you do, and how you can help. But is that really what they want to know?

P for Passion

People love to hear how you got to the place you are now. They want to learn from you. They want to be intrigued by the path you took, the knowledge you have, the passion you show. People just want to fall in love with the drive you have for what you do. It doesn’t matter what you do, stand behind a bar in a café or create events, books, websites, hairdo’s or whatever. If you can make them fall in love with you, they will want to work with you no matter what. That’s the strength of a small business owner, the person behind the service or product is the catch.

Give a Vision

All this passion must come from somewhere. Needless to say, that you have passion for what you do. However, this drive should have a direction. Where is it taking you? Even more important, where are you taking your clients and customers? That is the real question. If you have a vision, you can also envision how your clients will feel. This is what you can market. The future perspective of what they will feel down the road. Give them glimpses of what could be, sell your dream and they will want to know more.

The Relationship Strategy

Coming back to Marketing being a Love Story. What you are doing with your content and content marketing is a marathon. A consistent plan of endurance and trust. A strategy that will build your confidence, corporate story and also your relationship with (prospect) clients and customers. Just like a real relationship you need to create room to flow with each other and see where it will take you. You will receive feedback, input, fans and hopefully build a community of loving followers. So how do you set up a strong Online Identity? Check out The Relationship Strategy.

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An Event is Content

A gathering of badass girl bosses at an event called Table Stories Haarlem. The first in a series and probably many more to come. I was wondering after such a cool afternoon, how can you get more juice out of an event. How can you turn an event like that, into digital content?

Intention to Inspire Others

What made this meet-up special in the first place? July Adrichem and Lotte Herink decided they wanted to get some awesome people together (including me, thanks girls) and spread some well styled love, and they did. They intended to inspire us and share  ideas on conscious living. Not only concerning sustainability, but being conscious about connecting to the person next to you too. The whole setting, styling, location, ambiance and people made it a very powerful experience. Besides that, it was a great way to show their creative work. July is a stylist and Lotte a copywriter.

All Content is Not Gold

The event was an instant hit. But how can they turn all that gold into more content? Here are some suggestions to turn an event into a communication goldmine:

  • Make sure you have a photographer or somebody that knows how to handle a camera. And decide before the event what your public will want to know and see. Also make it easy for your guests to snap some pretty shots.
  • Interview your guests during the event. Quotes and testimonials are priceless.
  • Write an article about how the event went the day after and use the most outspoken moments to excite your audience for the next event.
  • Record speeches of speakers and use this for an article or white paper later.
  • Kill your darlings too. Don't use everything because you have it. Decide what really hits a chord with your specific audience.

Thank you Tabel Stories and especially Lotte Herink (Confetti Today) for sharing your thoughts on life, conscious living, connecting and helping me to inspire others too.   

(Photography by Michel Boelens)

Wildheart Messages

Letter Made with Love