How to Use Your Hero’s Journey to Truly Engage

What was the biggest challenge in your career that brought you to where you are now? That’s in short your Heros’ Journey. How can you use your Hero’s Journey to create the perfect corporate story? I learned a bit more about this at The Speakers University by Andy Harrington last week in London. Andy shares stages with Bill Clinton, Richard Branson and Tony Robbins. So, he knows a thing or two about how to truly engage with an audience. Totally awesome insights and knowledge that I’d like to share a bit with you here.


The Hero’s Journey

Stories have always been the reason why people do or don’t do, for centuries. Joseph Campbell (1904 – 1987) our greatest mythologist and probably the best storyteller we know, designed The Hero’s Journey after studying myth’s and muses from all over the world. His methods have been translated in many forms, also for corporate use. Now you can also adapt these methods to create your own story and connect with your clients to offer a better service.


Corporate Storytelling

Within corporate storytelling it’s crucial to tell a personal challenge you went through, the journey you took to get you where you are now and the transformation it created within your life. This transformation is the starting point from where you deliver your service or product, your raisons d’être. Also the reason why prospect clients will want to work with you. The insight is to articulate what your values are, so you can help people relate and decide if they want to work with you.

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Your Core Values

Your values are the principles to your mission, the ‘path’ leading you in your Hero’s Journey. My core values are Personal Development, Knowledge and Action. I can see that throughout my career these values have helped me to move forward to the place I am now. Helping others create beautiful stories and learning how to implement their core values in them. If what you’re aiming for is to help more clients to move forward with your service or product, the Hero’s Journey can help you.


New workshop soon

I’ll be giving a new workshop that dives deeper into storytelling and engagement. We’ll start creating your personal Hero’s Journey and help you communicate it to your target audience.

You will take away:

  • How is Storytelling used in the corporate world today?
  • What is a Hero’s Journey and do I have one?
  • Can my Hero’s Journey create engagement around my service or product?
  • How do I use my Hero’s Journey within online marketing?

Yes, tell me more!

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Letter Made with Love

A Message to all Entrepreneurs Content Marketing is a Love Story

Sometimes you forget that all you want to do is get the attention of people, people just like you. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, email, telephone, meetings, flyers, billboards, the list of places to ‘meet’ another person are endless. You try to sell your service by telling them what you do, and how you can help. But is that really what they want to know?

P for Passion

People love to hear how you got to the place you are now. They want to learn from you. They want to be intrigued by the path you took, the knowledge you have, the passion you show. People just want to fall in love with the drive you have for what you do. It doesn’t matter what you do, stand behind a bar in a café or create events, books, websites, hairdo’s or whatever. If you can make them fall in love with you, they will want to work with you no matter what. That’s the strength of a small business owner, the person behind the service or product is the catch.

Give a Vision

All this passion must come from somewhere. Needless to say, that you have passion for what you do. However, this drive should have a direction. Where is it taking you? Even more important, where are you taking your clients and customers? That is the real question. If you have a vision, you can also envision how your clients will feel. This is what you can market. The future perspective of what they will feel down the road. Give them glimpses of what could be, sell your dream and they will want to know more.

The Relationship Strategy

Coming back to Marketing being a Love Story. What you are doing with your content and content marketing is a marathon. A consistent plan of endurance and trust. A strategy that will build your confidence, corporate story and also your relationship with (prospect) clients and customers. Just like a real relationship you need to create room to flow with each other and see where it will take you. You will receive feedback, input, fans and hopefully build a community of loving followers. So how do you set up a strong Online Identity? Check out The Relationship Strategy.

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How to Kill Your Darlings

Why are you in your field of business? If you know why you are doing the job, and who you’re serving, it’s easier to make bold decisions. If you have a vision, you know which ideas to kill. Most creative people, all business owners are creative and have loads of ideas. With a vision you can move on and focus on the path. 

Your job can be something that clicks with your values and fills you with joy because you love what you do. However, why do you do it?Why are you taking that path? What is the big picture?

Communicate Your Purpose

To find out what your purpose is, you could try to ask yourself some out-of-the-box questions. Find out more about yourself so you know which ideas and insights you should say no to:

  • Give yourself 3 seconds and say out loud what makes you really happy. Are you using the answer in your work?
  • If you had to describe yourself to somebody you want to impress, what would you say?
  • When you where a kid there must have been a few things that you really liked doing. What was it and how are you still using those skills today.
  • Compare yourself to a colour, now explain that colour.
  • Invision yourself in 5 years how will you have made impact

Kill or Keep

Write down the answers and keep them in the back of your mind for a few days, then address them again. I’d like to know if these questions have helped you make some bold choices?

Now you have the answers to set against all your darling ideas. And find out which you can kill and which you can keep.

As a certified coach I know the importance of clarity, direction and purpose. If you want to grow a strong Online Identity, start with asking why, instead of how.

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Letter Made with Love